5 Secrets To Record Better In Your Home Studio

It would be best to record in a professional studio and leave more charges for the group, but we already know that it is usually expensive, and the vast majority of groups cannot handle that possibility, so good home recording studio equipment is the only option. Especially if you are very perfectionist and you like to repeat things until they come out perfect.

Secret 1: Remove the elements that emit noise. Electronic devices often make noise constantly, although our ears cannot appreciate it. That buzzer will sneak into the recording through a microphone and make noise on the track (when I talk about noise, I mean acoustic dirt, lack of clarity). Take them away as much as you can or turn them off directly.

Secret 2: Condition the room where you are going to record. It may not seem like it, but materials such as tiles, wood, aluminum will make the sound bounce and spread across the surface, causing a small echo in the recording. You have to try to acoustically isolate the room or the receptacle where the musicians are going to record. Cover the floor with carpets, and the windows with curtains, and remove any items that are not essential.

Secret 3: Move the microphone from the PC / Mac. The computer screen also emits a slight hum that will pick up the microphones you use. Yes, maybe you don’t even hear it, but you’ll see it by reviewing every shot you’ve recorded. In a Home Studio, you have to move the microphones away as much as possible from the computer. That is why many musicians acoustically isolate a room, which is where the musicians will be recorded, and control everything from another room (you would have to solve the problem of how to take the cables from one room to another while maintaining the acoustic isolation.

Secret 4: Use professional software that you control. There are many DAWs in the market, and choosing the virtual studio that best suits your needs is quite easy. Do not start recording in Protools because they told you that it is better if you only drive.

Secret 5: Watch the microphone distance. The microphones are very sensitive, and if you record voices too close, your breath will have too much presence in the recording. You can try different distances and keep the best shot, although it is best to use an anti popping filter that will eliminate some frequencies and keep the same distance for all shots.

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