Product Reviews and Bonuses

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Are you new to marketing online whether you are looking to sell products on Shopify, Amazon or Ebay? Or perhaps you want to take the affiliate marketing route or get some SEO clients? Whichever route you decide to go, there’s always going to be a plethora of products that will be offered.

If you just go online or even in Youtube, just enter in your search for help in a certain subject and there will be either free advice or a product that is being reviewed. Youtube is a great place to start because you might get some good, solid advice. However, any thing worth your while is probably not going to be free. Think about it, if you had a great product or service, would you give it away or cash in on it?

YouTube Product Reviewers

Now, Youtube is a different beast because these product reviewers may monetize their videos and get paid through adsense revenue. So, this basically means they can say what they want and cash in on the back end. Pretty dangerous considering they could say anything really. However, some of these product reviewers may give a little away and then take you down a rabbit hole through their funnel and sell to you afterwards. This is a strategy that is well known to marketers.

Then there are the affiliate marketers that have an authority website where they post information on everything from affiliate marketing to email marketing, paid advertising and so on. There are some big names in this space, can you think of any?

One new up and coming reviewer at has very good up to date information on helping others getting started with affiliate marketing for the most part. They discuss tools you will need, realistic expectations and so on. Occasionally they review an online product and will offer bonuses with that product.

The Bonuses

One strategy that online marketers use is to bundle in a free product with a promotion. If you are on a list from a well known marketer, or may have seen an ad on Facebook and got into their funnel, you were probably made aware of a promotion or two coming up. If the product is something you think you might be interested in, then it would be worth your white to google something like “Product X Review” or “Product X review and bonus” because not only will you be able to buy that product at the same price, but you will get a free bonus, sometimes more than one, just by buying through that link. These reviewers make a little commission on the product if you click their link and it affects you in no way. You should look at other reviewers and simply buy from the one with the best bonus. In some cases,  some bonuses might be better than the actual product!


So before you buy any product online, make sure you check for a product review and bonus. You might find some favorite reviewers that always have great bonuses and stick to them, or you might find better bonuses from others. It’s up to you to decide who to go with, it’s only a benefit to you to get your digital products this way.